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  1. To learn how to use the new system, (cooking meth) Please Click Here!!!!!!! All Stuff are cool, used to use them all, Good Job Dark Rp Crew, Keep up the good work.
  2. I can't wait, i better bring my laptop while im in florida on vacation.
  3. I have to agree with retro, and malibu. I will help get it populated. I might have a few friends. Business work by inviting friends. When your friends come on and invite more, and they invite more it gets populated. But people hate playing minigames map they wanted courses, they want trails and skins... We got to get them interested and stay playing just like what we did to the csgo on. Retro you know i will. But we need more than 4 we need 10+ That will actually dedicate their time for mg
  4. server crash/teamspeak also, at 12:56 est around.
  5. keep it the same, zombies can knife you first, so you never know....
  6. Those Kids though lol welcome to css.
  7. uhh sorry guys about this event falling. Didnt expect this to happen, and really sucks, i try again for november. And i'm truly sorry. btw, i thought i could make it back yesterday, but didn't realize that, my aunts funeral was at 4pm est. and also 6 hours away by car. ps: you can close this if you would like. thanks
  8. Hello everyone! This event will take place at random times when both teams are good to play. it will be on the scrim server for CSGO. Rules 1. No Missing your game time, unless its really important, Make sure your team is reliable. 2. You must respect all the rules of the server. 3. You will not be allowed to ghost, the games will be streamed(with commentary) 4. You will be in your own ts Channels. 5. If you are caught cheating/exploiting, your team will be automatically disqualified! 6. You will get a 5 minute warm up before the game, and will actually play like a comp match.(15 rounds then half, ect) 7. The game ends when you reach 16 rounds. winners will move on while loser will wait. 8. Each Team will play at least 3 games (depends on the amount of players) 9. You can trade player, up until the round robin is over. 10. Subs are to play at least 1 games. 11. All games will be posted before hand, both team will accept the game, for it to play. 12. after the 5 minute warm up and 15 minutes, and your team is not there, you guys will automatically forfeit. 13. All Teams will be approved by me, Meaning no one unfair teams. Team Selection Please follow this format All Games will be posted in another thread in this section. Teams must be submitted by November 6th, 2015 Thanks, -Super ps if you are cheating you will not just be disqualified, you will be permanently banned from all servers
  9. Count Me in bro, will definitely lose but thats cool
  10. Congrats bro, i will take your job now for reporting complaints :p

  11. stratos: sleggie don't do it your canadian

  12. so like zombie escape lol. but we all know zombies always win.
  13. Im the guys who is going to bring us home the win. lets get a team going for the supporters/members.
  14. Yeah Congrats BOM Wish i could have voted for more than 1 person:)