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  1. You've been a pleasure to play/make fun of/try to revive ZE with for the past few years Wesker. Thank you for everything you and all the other ZE managers have done for keeping the server alive
  2. Just because it's private don't mean you're safe from me Look at Kyle! He campaigned and now he's gone... I'm watching you!
  3. Y'all lucky me and vinyl ain't in this contest
  4. Remember when Gator thought Insidious wasn't campaigning? or was a good person
  5. We're in the end-game!!! Nothing I make will top this WE ARE AT THE PINNACLE OF SHITROASTING
  6. You know its 2020 when voting priorities matter
  7. Yes... YES... This is the shit I visit the forums for
  8. Maybe it is because you self-centered ZE fuccbois keep voting for yourself that my beloved server is dying SELFISH! SHAMELESS!!