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  1. What a stud!

    1. Crawfish


      Peter :classic_love:

      You must have been looking in a mirror when you wrote this!

  2. :crawdaddy: Hey buddy :S

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    2. Crawfish


      missed ya picklin' pete. welcome back to me

    3. Korean Ninja

      Korean Ninja


    4. Crawfish


      lmaoooo none of that business here. just those damn enchiladas

  3. Stop following an old fossil you retards

  4. Look how far we've fallen....
  5. It's not the same without xDoodles, phantom, or burger
  6. You will always be a legend in my heart. <3

  7. Oh hell yeah brother :d


    Don't catch the Chinavirus now yaheard?!

  8. oh for sure, i am compensated pretttttty good lol

  9. Oh hell yeah, a lot of friends of mine did the same transition you did :d


    Pay any good? I HOPE IT IS

  10. Whatcha do now these days

  11. I'm pretty good man. Just living my best life