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  1. man... this profile STINKS!

    1. Gamemann


      It's brutal!

  2. Hello this is my first post since a while. But reason i haven't been on in a while is because i have another group with ze server. I am having same exact problem that you guys are having though. I just wanted to say this, ze is dying, the new games that are coming out is killing css and tf2. That's my opinion though. Not sure about your opinions. Please don't get mad at me or anything. Just trying to tell you guys since this is the same exact thing that is happening to my group.
  3. Gamemann

    remember me?

    Just wondering... Does anyone remember me here? Guessing everyone forgot about me?
  4. Gamemann


    Who here likes zombie land?
  5. idk about any other teams but definitely phillies will make it to the world series with their pitching...
  6. Sorry on the late start... But chase utley is back on the phillies!
  7. Gamemann

    see ya all

    lol you guys obviously are mad because i am not leaving... And it was a joke... I love how you guys are saying i am going to get banned for this... If i do i will laugh at sg for the rest of my life.
  8. Gamemann

    see ya all

    LOL, i love how many people fell for it... i was joking around. A few thing here: - i spent money on sg so why would i leave? - i like the players here well most of them well... - i had a fun time on the forum.. Sorry if i got people so surprised XD I just did it to see how many people would miss me.. Not that much i guess would miss me if i left ;( PS: sorry for the people that wanted me gone I am guessing alot of people wanted me gone but i am still back ;)
  9. Gamemann

    see ya all

    I am leaving sg, see ya all... Nobody probably wants me on SG anymore so thats why i am leaving... P.S: Forgot to say, good luck with you guys(SG) It was fun playing with you guys in 2010(when i joined) ;)
  10. geez sorry, and why the hell does it matter, i post them at the same time..
  11. Well idk... There can be pro's for zombie escape since some people can get people good as zombie! Minigames, you can be good at all surfing,regular killing maps, and bhop and all of those maps....
  12. Well i think i get what your saying, you saying that alot of people fail at zombie escape?
  13. ok look now... That better... Btw, some of the servers on there are "tryout" servers... Geez this forum has some strict rules... Especially when you are in the offtopic section.
  14. Its a group dumbass... "Pro" group not like a advertising group. Only people that are good go in here... I don't really call it advertising that inviting people to a pro gorup.