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It's always fun guessing and looking back. Seeing people in 2015/2016 talk about Trump and seeing him win was pretty crazy. So let's make a thread for our eventual 2025 selves to look at


Sure, a lot will change in two years, but who would you want to win, and who do you think will win, each primary in 2024? Ignoring who would win the overall race. Just candidates. Memes count (by all measure they could have a chance of winning at this point)


Who I want - Dan Crenshaw. He can come off as a little too extreme sometimes but he has a decent head on his shoulders. He has military experience which is a big plus when we consider statistics- more than half of all presidents had military service.

Who I think - DeSantis looks really strong right now. I think Abbott is strong too, but DeSantis will probably do better. Trump will be too old IMO.



Who I want - Pete Buttigieg. Young, was a mayor, has military service, has experience running in the primary, and has cabinet experience. His 2020 campaign is on wiki and most, if not all, I agree with. I think his youth is a big plus in the current climate. He's not nearly as tainted as other people.

Who I think - Honestly, no idea. Kamala seemed to be in line to get it but given Biden's mediocre performance, her own polling has hurt a lot. I think Pete Buttigieg actually has a good shot. Otherwise Gavin could make a run.


Oh, and just for complete pants on head stupid- I hope Biden and Trump win their primaries and Andrew Yang runs front runner independent and clinches the vote. #yanggang

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