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  1. i only have like 20 days in 4 months of playing i could do better
  2. woah woah i dont no life anymore that was in my past
  3. imo that idea would make the servers 10x more stale just playing the same maps over and over again is already an issue but doing this is gonna ruin any chance of other maps besides clouds, razor, revamp, vip, or undertale be played
  4. pretty decent movie thanks for sharing @Error.
  5. where is the honorary team surf
  6. can we have an honorary team surf
  7. how would you describe mine
  8. ive played with giraff and dvd a lot from my time here and tbh i see giraffs clip as a fk but he didnt want to slay so he made an excuse (giarff is very aware of the server rules and i think he made a mistake but didnt want to own up to it) dvds clip i saw that as just messing around with easterpink (when he said blatant it sounded like he was mocking people who fk and say blatant as an excuse) i see dvd a lot and he is definitely aware enough of the rules to know eaterpink wasnt blatant so in my eyes i see it as joking but those are just my shitty jb reg opinions