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  1. bro i have 0 issue with squad being dead like i said i have 0 care for the servers, i dropped an opinion and you got all pissy and defensive that your server didnt work out as good as you planned. also the fact that you tried to insult my admin status is remarkably funny because i purposely got myself demoted that should show you how much i cared about it.
  2. if your calling one week of mid tier pop a success im sorry for you, also why would i have any bit of jealousy i dont play nor care about the csgo servers. youre grasping at straws and trying to deflect attention from squad to me
  3. if a 1000 plus unique people joined but it still has 0 pop that should tell you something about the experience they had on the server
  4. people hated me so much the higher ups got sms to reaply because i had 0 reapplies
  5. what the fuck is a steperd
  6. 1) overpass 2) KZ 3) TTT 4) @snoopy. is my answer