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Jailbreak Top Prisoner Contest

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Jailbreak Top Prisoner Contest



Hello everyone,


This is the start to a multitude of monthly events we plan on hosting for the server based on our rank systems. We have more elaborate ideas for the way the prizes will work, but for now it's a bit more simplistic, but competitive nonetheless! Starting today and ending on October 1st, we'll be hosting the Top Prisoner Contest. 


As most of you know, if you type !top while on Jailbreak it will show a leaderboard. Points are earned on this leaderboard by playing as a prisoner and killing the guards. At the end of the contest period, the person at the very top of the leaderboard will be declared the winner. For this month, the winner will receive 30,000 store credits or the equivalent of purchasing two player models + 1 free month of Premium Supporter!


Pretty soon Jailbreak will be running a total of 4 monthly contests once we get everything in order and have some time to work with our technical team. Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, the prizes will be even more enticing than they already are, and with the amount of contests running in unison, there'll be plenty of opportunities to win!


So, do you think you're the best prisoner Steam-Gamers Jailbreak has to offer? Do you think you can beat every other player in a race to the top? Hop on the server, start killing some guards, and have some fun!




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