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  1. I’m on vacation so I haven’t played in a bit, but remove those new shitty ass LRs
  2. JB at the moment is fucking GARBAGE. Hot steaming pile of shit. Main reason probably are the kids coming into the servers being asswipes and annoying intentionally, but there's not much we can do about that.
  3. Bump x438 hey guys you have to show up for the event or the earth is going to explode due to climate change
  4. I’m drippy on foenem


    1. snoopy.


      thats u fat ass tf


  6. Y’all mf’s just need to kiss each other already goddamn
  7. This sounds like a very fun event
  8. put me in all of em gang Spy #imm
  9. That’s it. I’m making a ttt server. @snoopy.
  10. What. The. Fuck. What was going on in your head to decide to remove my favorite thing about Trouble in Terrorist Town dude!!! What the heckkkk I seriously enjoyed being able to T-bait on the steam-gamers servers. I am deeply upset and disappointed. I will be leaving the steam-gamers community to join Edge gamers
  11. Krma#Cute game 2 !