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  1. Autistic

    Admoon apps

    Seems like time to shitpost admoon apps now
  2. Guys im joining just to share my middle school playlist
  3. I think to also what kable is saying about content, the problem is the only thing that was for jb was ranks and gangs but after the select period there is no reason to keep playing for a stale server. Cause throughout my time on sg no real content has been added only events that slowed the downfall of the servers.
  4. When event never happens lol
  5. Just play valorant lol
  6. This is amongus with extra steps
  7. Well you see we got a server with trigger happy cts or ts to make cts nazis what did you expect
  8. MG will have a population what?!
  9. Autistic

    submit clips

    Your asking to submit good clips when no one here is good
  10. Full on defined how jb is.
  11. Sorry all i know you wanted to watch my iron aim but i gotta pull out my grandpa died and i gotta travel cross country for the funeral so a spot open for game 1
  12. Tossin my hat into the ring for game 1 ascent can fill in any other game Riot id BeetleAtom #Reape
  13. Guess my friend dont gotta worry about lubing the pans
  14. Autistic

    jailbreak in 2021

    Tbh not that blantant it kinda can be but i would personally say delaying not blantant and dome you
  15. from what i know it made when roles were given the screen would freeze for a second or two