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Jailbreak Changelog Discussion 09/13/2022 Changes

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Calling all CTs and Ts alike let's discuss the 09/13/2022 changes in @Dominic's changelog post


Starting with the !buddy command being made available to the public. I welcome this change and I hope it stays free for the long-term. I would possibly like to see it restricted in terms of how many duos per round can !buddy up as I could see it overwhelming CTs if the Ts !buddy'd are up are among S tier Ts.


The Prisoner Buy menu being re-enabled is not something I'm looking forward to experiencing as a CT, I'll give it a fair shake and see if it's as bad as I think for CTs. I'm sure the Ts will enjoy it though... maybe a little too much.


Removing chat advertisements is a W, the less the better! -rep on the Discord promo though, #BringBackTS.


The ability to enable the PtP plugin on the fly by a CA+ is without question the best change in the changelog, well done @BoTo. Changing up the play style is always refreshing and I think this is a net positive for CTs and Ts.  


Share your thoughts below!

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