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  1. Roux, your dear friend @Ned informed me of your passing. My heart breaks for your friends and family that are mourning your passing. My heart breaks for what you won't get to experience because you're no longer here with us. Looking at and wearing your band's merch has a new found meaning. Rest In Peace old friend, wishing you Godspeed and glory. May God bless your friends and family during this time, and forever. Watch over the Apes from above!
  2. Dude was a admin and dosent know shot4shot rules YIKERS

  3. Learn the rules you weeb, and respect your JB elders!

  4. What's happening cuz, hope all is well bud!

  5. add me on discord please, big fan

  6. the absolute beast of jb the epideme of ct itself

  7. such an idiot

  8. I WILL MISS YOU SIR! :love:

  9. Want to be friends?