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  1. You made me proud. Thank you, onto mw2 helicopter wars 

    1. Gumline


      Thank you, kind sir. The apes fly together, never forget that!

  2. happy birthday nimmy! i hope you enjoyed your day, and i wish you a blessed year to come! may god bless you and yours sir!

  3. Calling all CTs and Ts alike let's discuss the 09/13/2022 changes in @Dominic's changelog post. Starting with the !buddy command being made available to the public. I welcome this change and I hope it stays free for the long-term. I would possibly like to see it restricted in terms of how many duos per round can !buddy up as I could see it overwhelming CTs if the Ts !buddy'd are up are among S tier Ts. The Prisoner Buy menu being re-enabled is not something I'm looking forward to experiencing as a CT, I'll give it a fair shake and see if it's as bad as I think for CTs. I'm sure the Ts will enjoy it though... maybe a little too much. Removing chat advertisements is a W, the less the better! -rep on the Discord promo though, #BringBackTS. The ability to enable the PtP plugin on the fly by a CA+ is without question the best change in the changelog, well done @BoTo. Changing up the play style is always refreshing and I think this is a net positive for CTs and Ts. Share your thoughts below!
  4. Wow, props to you. It's nice to see a kind worded denial to an admin app, with some positive encouragement. Good on you!

  5. lil bitch

  6. I miss DML

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    2. Gumline


      what would you change to make it better than ight?

    3. Zero Two

      Zero Two

      Nothing still getting used to it is all

    4. Gumline


      Keep the faith ZT!

  7. God bless all that were involved with ZE! I'm glad I had the opportunity to play some of the final games. Harambe is alone no more, the apes have escaped!
  8. ZE was insane during its prime, props to everyone that was involved. My main measure of success would be play time. Does anyone have access to total play time for each server? 1v1 days were during Halo 3, by the time I found SG I was ready to meme. The try hard left me soul long ago.
  9. Of all SG's servers throughout it's history, is Jailbreak it's most successful server ever?
  10. Tomorrow, marks the end of ZE. I'm sure it will be a challenging time for you and those close to you. Fear not, you aren't alone. The apes are with you, and tomorrow they'll finally escape. 



    May God continue to bless you and your fellow apes.

    We'll all join Harambe soon.

  11. No matter the prison, no matter the rules. Every prison has a WARDEN. God bless you!

  12. Immediate action: Board of Directors assigns @All Ts& @Dominicas Server Managers of Jailbreak alongside @Zero Two. This is the way, and the server needs the help. Inb4 oh they were recenty unbanned blahblahblah. Give us a month and we'll have that server rocking.
  13. I've been playing Warzone in my free time the past few years and it's to the point where cheaters ruin the experience more times than not. I believe there is an opportunity to gain gamers with similar experiences and bring them to CS:GO community servers. Every mainstream mp game right now is infested with cheaters, why not come play jailbreak, ttt, surf, etc.