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  1. I want to share this story because it is something just to talk about and you guys can think what you want lol and maybe share your crazy family stories. I can't remember much about it because it was a long time ago but it had something to do with me telling my younger brother this story about this monster that lived in our basement and was after us. I told him to wait outside the house while I fought the monster, my younger brother went out to the front of the house on the street while I went to pour ketchup all over my chest to make it look like the monster got me and then went to the front door to act like I was hurt while holding a dull kitchen knife. My younger brother became so scared that he ran down to the end of the street so fast in his pajamas. My older brother wakes up wondering what is going on after seeing ketchup on the floor and on the front door etc. I cleaned up the mess etc and then got worried after seeing him run down the street so I went outside to look for em. I got to the end of the street and saw my younger brother scared talking to this lady at this house of a friend that we played with. Some of those friends were on the front porch laughing so hard at the situation. Turns out my younger brother ran down the street to this house, told the lady that a monster hurt our family and called the cops lol Next thing I know I am walking down the street back to the house with my younger brother and here comes the cop cars, the cops pick us up, take us back to the house. The cops open the front door and started looking around cautiously in the kitchen, basement, living room etc and then down the hallway asking if my mom was alright and my mom wakes up shocked at what was happening seeing cops in the house etc. They tell her the situation while me and my younger brother waited outside. I turned around and there must of been 8 cop cars and 3 ambulances on the street and tons of people outside looking on wondering what was happening. I started to cry after the situation unfolded, the cops ask my younger brother if they wanted them to take me to jail and my younger brother tells them no and then it was all over. We were really young when this happened and you just never know how things will unfold, It was unbelievable lol.
  2. BoTo

    Surf Bug Reporting

    I made a change to help fix this, thanks for the report.
  3. Thanks for the giveaway!
  4. BoTo

    !dz plugin

    Damage problem is fixed. I added another fix to help solve the issue with fists.
  5. Thanks, an update has been added to help with this on fists. This sort of problem isn't happening with the hammer?
  6. Hmm it doesn't show that when testing, they are in a crouched position when attacking. You have a choice not to use the fists and the weapon punch effect only happens to you having the fists and doesn't affect the person you are punching. Does the weapon punch affect teammates? All the melee weapons with left click do the same damage besides knife that does the default 55 damage with right click. Using a melee weapon behind the player will work the same as doing it before killing them instantly. Right click is disabled for the other melee weapons besides knife due to csgo limitations.
  7. I think the values are fair for what they are set to with being just an extra 30 seconds when the player count is over 30. I have also noticed while watching the game play that when there is a lot of guards trying to give orders over others that nobody can understand what to do.
  8. There is a issue on map change while your loading that it becomes frozen and people think their game crashed but it resumes to loading the map. It was introduced into csgo a few updates ago and whether it happens to all or just a select few is anyone's guess.
  9. I want to comment on this since I did the plugin. Functionality can be added for this but I would do it a different way. It will work the same way as currently but I think after they issue the first order and they type something in chat afterwards, it will activate for chat only and they won't be allowed to use mic during the first order to not confuse players. If they do go ahead with typing in chat after they used first order, it will stop all players chat from showing so as not to clutter chat for the player issuing first orders. I am just throwing stuff out there for you all to think about.
  10. Fixed, Thank you for the report.
  11. If it happens on every map then its probably outdated player model related. You gotta be careful choosing player models to use because some player models can lag players or cause game crashes with a lot of players.
  12. Hmm does this happen on just this map or every map and does the custom model of the player flicker? This can be caused by the slerpbones of the model being outdated etc.
  13. Thank you all, I've been happy to help in anyway and glad to see the community doing good.
  14. i found the legend:DDDDDDDDD