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  1. Sorry for the delay regarding this, been busy with other projects, I have located the issue of this and should be fixed. Ghost Knife with command /dz (Basic Supporter+) should be functional and enabled now on servers: ZE, TTT, JB, BHOP and SURF.
  2. This is now fixed. Thank you @Divineand @Timefor the report.
  3. Hmm I have nothing prepared for this great honor. All I can say is
  4. Hello, I have added Spectral Shiv (Ghost Knife) support to servers ZE, JB, TTT, FFA, BHOP, SURF and CRACKHOUSE running the /dz plugin. It took a bit to figure out how to work around the bug cause by the Ghost Knife.
  5. Chad

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  6. I made a change to help fix this, thanks for the report.
  7. BoTo

    !dz plugin

    Damage problem is fixed. I added another fix to help solve the issue with fists.
  8. I think the values are fair for what they are set to with being just an extra 30 seconds when the player count is over 30. I have also noticed while watching the game play that when there is a lot of guards trying to give orders over others that nobody can understand what to do.
  9. Fixed, Thank you for the report.
  10. If it happens on every map then its probably outdated player model related. You gotta be careful choosing player models to use because some player models can lag players or cause game crashes with a lot of players.
  11. Hmm does this happen on just this map or every map and does the custom model of the player flicker? This can be caused by the slerpbones of the model being outdated etc.
  12. Thank you all, I've been happy to help in anyway and glad to see the community doing good.
  13. i found the legend:DDDDDDDDD

  14. Please contact a Board of Directors [bD] member concerning your Donation/Subscriber/VIP.