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  1. Roux, your dear friend @Ned informed me of your passing. My heart breaks for your friends and family that are mourning your passing. My heart breaks for what you won't get to experience because you're no longer here with us. Looking at and wearing your band's merch has a new found meaning. Rest In Peace old friend, wishing you Godspeed and glory. May God bless your friends and family during this time, and forever. Watch over the Apes from above!
  2. Learn the rules you weeb, and respect your JB elders!

  3. What's happening cuz, hope all is well bud!

  4. add me on discord please, big fan

  5. such an idiot

  6. I WILL MISS YOU SIR! :love:

  7. Want to be friends?

  8. Looking for a biological woman valentine, please hit me up girls!
  9. is vrooklyn a bridge?

  10. GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS, IM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE JAILBREAK GREAT AGAIN

  12. I don't need to campaign, I've been an admin before and was arguably the most transparent staff member. Since, every action I took was live streamed and archived for anyone to challenge. This post in and of itself points out some problems of jailbreak from my point of view. I don't care about being staff, I care about preserving a server and it's prestige for future regulars not a color and title!
  13. I've been un-banned since January 4, 2020, and I had zero interest in returning to playing Jailbreak. I hadn't played counter strike much if at all when I was banned, however once un-banned I decided to hop on and shoot the shit. In my opinion Jailbreak is going down a path that I don't agree with and in turn is ruining it. Extending !fo to 60 seconds if there are more than 30 players on is absurd. A single CT is going to control a fifth of the round. This will handicap CTs, CTs work as a team not at the direction of a warden for 60 seconds, 30 seconds was already too long! If CTs are conflicting, an admin needs to put them in their place or someone needs to make a player complaint. What made this server so special was the lack of a "warden" system, admins engaged in enforcing the rules, and an awesome player base. Eliminating !fo special orders and freedays was essentially done from what I've read and heard because people abused and it got out of hand. If something is getting out of hand it's because of not enforcing the rules which means admin activity was low. I was a regular when the slots increased to 52, !fo was added, and everything else in between. The servers had little issues! Please let myself and other regulars help save this server, don't make me wait 6 months to ask when I can apply for admin, give me the privilege to apply now. I can restore order to jailbreak and make jailbreak great again! MAKE JAILBREAK GREAT AGAIN!
  14. GO BACK TO YOUR OG NAME! kid sucks!!!

  15. lol @ your sig