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Continuing from Dominic's server thread... after reading some feedback on the Retakes server, I had some thoughts as well.


Years ago before CSGO came out, I remember in CSS there were a lot of popular servers running only Dust2, or Office, or Crackhouse, etc.  Would there be any interest in a server like this for the community in CSGO?  If so, what would be the best map to run on it?  Would you play if we decide to run a server like this?


Your input on our servers is important to me so please share your thoughts.

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We have done servers like Crackhouse and kz and they fell off a few weeks after their launch due to lack of interest at the time. I feel giving them another shot couldn't hurt but the issue arises that we have a smaller pop base now than when they were first released. I also think that adding some Dust2 or Office dm servers couldn't hurt it might even draw more people to sg it self. Over all I don't see adding these servers as a bad idea I just don't think they will thrive them way you hope they will.

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Definitely not a bad idea, I just don't see it solving any player base problems. The server wouldn't have a consistent player base being 24/7 any map cause after a while the players will get tired of the map and either move onto a different game or a different server. 


Servers like this also don't build any community (I'm guessing you're referring to a 24/7 deathmatch or FFA). Most the time people will open their community tab warmup on whatever server comes up first then will hop off whenever they are ready to play comp (There is the slight chance they add it to their favorites).


We definitely need to look into something that will bring more players and retain them. Could still be a good idea just to get players into a server and expose them to the community/forms though.  

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i made a post where i suggested another game that we could host, and i've seen a few people take interest in this idea and others that may try it out

beefing up CSGO is a great idea, i'd just love to see another game being involved here

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