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With a massive zombie-infested map and a massive community, Project Zomboid is an exceptional idea.

yes I know this was suggested already but I have a lot of experience in the game


After coming a long way since 2011, Project Zomboid still has an isometric view on the map and character, making it fairly unique for a zombie survival game. The Indie Stone developed the game greatly over the years with tons of realism, exploration, items, weapons, and more. The game settings and options are easy to manipulate to your liking through game options; but for gameplay, just use the sandbox game mode rather than the default game modes. Plus, administrating is simple through UI options and different mods. Mods are a great option to change up the vanilla game, whether you add more weapons, locations, clothing, models, zombie types, or whatevs.


Project Zomboid will make you overpower people if you're willing to take all the risks. You can have all your skills maxed and a foolproof base with a metric shit-ton of guns and ammo including food like you've got everything settled for the rest of the game, though one scratch can ruin your life. Getting attacked by a zombie has a high chance of infecting you. Know that scratches are 7%, lacerations are 25%, and bites are a guaranteed march with the dead. That's only for damage received by a zombie. Environmental damage does not count. So, be sure to wear more clothing, but don't overheat and die from thirst. With exactly 26 skills to master to level 10, it takes a lot of patience and grinding just so you can get fuckin' decked out. Traits and Books can multiply your experience level, but can also benefit other things for your character. However, positive traits have to be balanced with negative traits. These can be detrimental to your character, but some can be very easy if you know how to work around them. You can be a deaf burglar Olympic athlete, for Christ's sake. Nutrition is a huge factor in leveling up your Passive skills, including Fitness and Strength. Fats, Calories, Proteins, and Carbs contribute to your overall weight and gains. Eat up.


There are hundreds, possibly thousands of buildings and points of interest to find containing things you need to complete what you want. Big-ass warehouses and malls, army surplus stores, cabins in the woods. Three wells containing an infinite source of water. The big city of Louisville. Go to unvisited places on your map and clear out any building you come across for gear and supplies. Don't worry, you can make your buildings too. Making small cabins into metal castles is possible, as long as you have the resources and experience, especially the patience with people and zombies coming to break and take your shit.


Multiplayer was recently released for the game and is genuinely a great experience when you have all of these factors in play, whether for cooperation or conflict. Make friendships or best bros, make blood-bonded clans that will kill anything on sight or safe havens where "no one can hurt each other and you all share things." Or be by yourself.


To learn absolutely every statistic, detail, or item information, visit the game's wiki page. (THIS GAME HAS LORE WOWZERS)


There's no real objective, as the game states when you start: "THIS IS HOW YOU DIED." All you're doing is delaying the inevitable. Do what you want with your character. Make an impact. Make your story. You don't have to always choose one path; get some different excitement in your play style.


If you've read this far and need more explanation, here are a few ideas I had in playthroughs.


Learn about medicine, healing your boo-boos, and most importantly, your best friend's boo-boos! Have a big garden and feed your friends in the cute house you and your buddies cleaned up! Decorate your cottage-core room with that cute raccoon plush you found in a wardrobe! Be everyone's best friend! Defend them from those hordes of meanies!






Be a nomad. Let nobody find you. Live in the shadows, move quickly and discreetly between the city and the forest. Forage for food and tools. and use trapping to your advantage. Make a stone hatchet and cut down trees for firewood; maybe make a cabin for the winter. Find a lake or river to fish in so you can bulk up. Risk eating something rotten just for the chance to live another few days. If this is what it comes to, quietly take down someone holding something that might help you live another week.





Burn piles of bodies and buildings. Rip the souls out of people with your favourite weapons. Steal their shit and arm yourself to the teeth. Be the worst motherfucker in Knox County. Make people afraid of you. Betray people who love you just to benefit yourself. Feed people to zombies for an easy escape. Climb the ranks in your little gathering you call a clan. Butcher any prick who doesn't agree with you.




Just one more. Please.


Explore the big city of Louisville. Strip every building of its resources for yourself (or friends) and live on the rooftops collecting rainwater to survive the Southeastern-American winters. Collect all of the maps to fully see how big the city is, and see what's in it for you.





Yadda yadda, I can go on all day on how much shit you can do in this game. Overall, the amount of things to do in this game is perfect for a large population. After playing for nearly 500 hours, I still have much to explore and learn. It would make me the happiest boy if this were to come to fruition. I've had so much fun with other people, but SG would make the experience better; new stories to tell your friends after playing all day. I also suggest that we vote for specific game rules to be set, depending on how the players would find the game's default difficulty. (Nutrition, Zombie Difficulty/Population, XP multipliers, other city spawns, and blah blah, blaaaahh blah blah bla-bla-blah. thank you for reading allat stuff.)


If you're interested in playing this game, please add me on steam or message me on discord so I can help and play with you :)


I mean, look at how big the friggin' map is. (This link shows important POIs for specific loot too c:)






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To add to what cartie missed, is how easily modable the game is. Takes all but a click, and a lot of the mods on the workshop don't change the game all that much, it still gives a very authentic vanilla experience.. with just more things that ground the game a little closer to reality.

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