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Introducing.. Mudae! 



Mudae is a bot that includes a gacha character roulette, word games, a Pokémon roulette and many other command based events. Mudae is mainly used to roll, collect, and trade characters.

Here is a list of all of the commands that can be used, which is also pinned in the bots channel: 



The main commands to roll for characters are: 

$wa, $wg, $wx 

$ha, $hg, $hx

$ma, $mg, $mx


Anything under “w” rolls for female characters, anything under “h” rolls for male characters, and “m” rolls for both. “A” rolls for characters in anime/tv shows, “G” rolls for characters in games, “X” rolls for both. 

As of right now you can only claim a characters once every three hours (~12:49am, 3:49am, 6:49am, 9:49am, ect. EST) and you can roll 10 times once an hour.


You can also roll for pokemon by doing $pokeslot.


I recommend starting out with $tuto, which is a tutorial for mudae that walks you through how to use the commands and the bot itself. 

The bot is currently under #bots in discord, but if it gains enough traction we can consider adding a separate channel for it. 


Some ground rules:

- No spam (regular spam, shitposting / memes overuse). 

- Don't be a jerk. Normal SG rules apply.  No hostility, insulting, mocking, harassing, constant passive aggressive behavior, annoying behavior in general. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

Have fun!

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