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[QoTD] Question of The Day 07/07/2023

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What's your favorite current piece of media? (ie. book, movie, show, ext.)



For me I have been really enjoying the new Star Wars releases (Mando and soon Asoka are my favorite atm), I also really enjoyed The Last Of Us show aswell. Looking forward to this new Fallout show, hope it isn't ass.

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I've been exploring shows lately, as normally I don't watch TV too much. I've binged a few things, notably Trailer Park Boyz, Arrested Development, and F is for Family. All have been fantastic, and AD has become my new 'background noise' show. 


For books, you guys should check out an app called Headway. If you're into personal finance, self-help, etc., it condenses books and their main points into a certain amount of minutes of reading. Sort of like Clif Notes, I guess, but better. Full books though, I just re-read Richest Man in Babylon. Such a great book. I am about to re-read Rich Dad Poor Dad, as well.

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