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A small update on the community!

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I just wanted to take a moment to give shout outs to various members and discuss more to many forum lurkers who still visit.


We are still very much alive, and still very much playing video games. I feel it's often not properly conveyed at times because the discord shovels through messages and we as staff typically only interact in the discord, where our activity from players and staff is held.


But I did want to cross post this from the Discord as well--


So what's been up?


V Rising

On May 8th we launched our own V Rising server, Elfbarf, has been running this and the GOAT once again delivers, and we are currently ranked ~700 out of 15,000 servers. It is absolutely great to see the influx of V Rising regulars join the Discord (remember to get the role for V Rising in the Discord here!

Please feel free to join up, some light instructions are over here in the Discord #vrising chat.




Over the last few weeks, many of our regulars have started doing custom Halo: MCC lobbies. It's been such an active base, we've started trying to do them almost every Friday, these events are ran by Nomai. It's typically 3/Reach as of now but we are slowly moving to the other games inside Halo. Feel free to check out the #halo channel in Discord and, once again, grab the Halo role from here!




Elfbarf is as diligent as ever with TTT and that hasn't stopped even a year since he started the server. We still actively seed on Saturdays around 7PM CST, and Tuesdays around 6PM CST. Our regulars also randomly populate the server on other days, it's all about just hanging out in Discord and seeing when people are willing to play, it only takes a good 5 to have a great time! Grab the Gmod TTT role from here and join us on our seed days!



We remain committed to keeping these servers up as BoTo has been stellar about helping maintain the plugins. We know there exists various minor issues (and bigger ones like Surf's ramp bugs) but we remain diligent in making sure these continue to run.


Prison Break / Zombie Escape


We have had continued conversations here and there regarding these servers, and although they remain up, we simply do not have the manpower or interest in them currently. We are always exploring options in CS2 but admittedly Valve's efforts to not make community servers a priority in the game leads us to also not has much vested interest, hence the continued bolstering of games like V Rising, Halo, and GMOD TTT.



I just wanted to take the last bit of your time reading this to thank all those who continue to come play and join us in the fun. At times it can be exhausting to try and keep up on everything going on from events to playing our 'normally' scheduled games, but getting in VC with you all and having a blast for hours and hours each week makes it all worth it. I really appreciate everyone who continues to come out and make this place worth visiting, playing, and helping contribute to. I hope you guys have a great summer and enjoy the warm weather. Thank you!!!!!

As usual, join us on discord! https://discord.gg/steamgamers

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As always, thanks for the update and commitment jazzy.

Thanks also to Elf, Nomai, BoTo, and everyone else involved.

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