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  1. 1. Which is the best

    • Norton
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Virus Protection?

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I have recently had major virus problems forcing me to reformat and now that i have finnaly got everything back to normal i want to know what you think the best virus protection is

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Costs money : Nod32 or Kaspersky


Free : ??? (I guess AVG or Avast)


IMO of course, I have NOD32 on my laptop (stopped a lot of viruses, and also found a trojan installer in my flash drive) and I used the Kaspersky free trial to get rid of an annoying virus off of my desktop that my AVG couldn't get rid of.

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McAfee but i have it for free with AOL


Alot of times something random would say i have a script installed, viruses but always on the spot gets rid of it for me. I say its the best one yet.

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