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IMPORTANT: IP Changes for all servers!!!!

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These servers have moved!!! Save the new IP's to your favorites


Napalm > (40 slot)

US Escape > (26 slot)

VIP Escape > (26 slot)

Breakfloor > (16 slot)

Gun Game > (24 slot)

AWP CHALLENGE > (16 slot)

TeamFortress2 > (24 slot)


*****These servers were freshly built, post on forum and errors or bugs you find*****


Guys keep in mind, we're still tweaking the server to run as best as they can, we already know the new US Escape server is lagging at times, we're working on it, this is to be expected, we can't tweak the server unless people are on it unless these problems wouldn't surface.

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Right, I noticed that the NEW VIP Server was not working due to the IP Address being wrong.


The first part should be 64 instead of it saying 63.


VIP Server IP:


This should work.

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