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BWGT - 07/18/09 - Prison Break!

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SteamGamers proudly presents the BWGT






The BWGT was founded back in January co-hosted by mNote & GarfieldH. Anyone who remembers the event would agree that this is great fun and an excellent chance for the community to have some inter-fun with each other. This is the fifth event of the revival, the last four events have gone magnificently.



The next scheduled Event will be located on the Prison Break server []. The Server will be bumped up to roughly 44 slots for the event. make sure you get there early if you don't have a reserved slot.



As you can probably tell from the banner, the next Event will be held on 07/18/09 at 5PM EST. I have chosen to make this 2 hours earlier so that it is better suited for European players.


3PM CT (US & Canada)

4PM MT (US & Canada)

5PM EST - (US & Canada)

10PM GMT - (UK)

11PM GMT+1 (Netherlands/Denmark)





You, me, and everybody else. Anyone can join and play. Tell your friends to try it out, this event will be just as enjoyable as the last for all who participate.


Thanks to Drox for creating the images and banners once again.

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Yep it can either be a HUGE success or it can be a even BIGGER FAILURE. So lets do this right! Defiantly need the rules to be known on this day. I think it should be even more strict just for how many people there will be. BUT I WILL BE THERE!!

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