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Is it compulsory to have a mic as CT

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Type !rules, one of the rules is that CTs do not need mics. Sorry, but CTs don't ever need mics.


agreed it does help to have a mic.. but typed commands are just as important... for example quote is probably the best CT with typed commands...

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My policy is if alot of people are ending up dead due to miscommunication (mic and text orders from different CTs) I will try my best to sort things out, possibly recommending that only the CTs with mics give orders from then on out. If people are still getting confused and ending up dead, I will ask that particular CT to stop giving typed orders unless no other CT with a mic is alive, or move them to be T.


Note: This can be hard to manage, as some Ts are intentionally causing chaos (as part of the game) and some really are not getting things straight between text and mics. In the end though, above all, CTs having a mic is still not mandatory.

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