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Computering my mom.

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You have no idea what I am going through.


I spent about 3-4 hours the other night trying to teach my mom to copy a file from a removable drive, and to create a new folder and paste it into it.


She is the most computer retarded person I have ever seen.


But now she thinks she all hot stuff because she can copy and paste. lmao.

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Good job guys! You'll all be purple soon.


Anyways, I know what you're going through haha. My grandma is the same way.


1st: lol


2nd: Yea same here, my grandma is constantly asking me for help on how to get Internet Explorer up XD

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Ignore these tards , they have nothing better to do than post ''fail thread!'' under every singe thread . Then whine about many SG and world problems without actually doing anything to help. I swear , most of this community is mentally challenged.




On topic : You should get your mom to go to some PC for beginners course or something , the teachers in these courses or whatever usually do a great job. Dont waste your own time on this.

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I feel your pain. All my family are retarded when it comes to using computers, im the exeption.


Every fucking time, my mum tries to type into google search http://www.randomsite.com.


Im like "for the last fucking time you dont use www. in fucking google". But no everytime she has to do the same.


And when it comes to closing the fucking down, its like trying to ask a person with no hands to close it down.

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I was helping my mum book a villa, she had her email open on IE, i then opened a tab to use google to search, and she had a big go at me for closing her email...

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