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Sharkoon X-TATIC v3 5.1 Analogue Headphones & mic

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Im sure you have read one of shadows post about gaming headset so there is no need to go all over that again...get real headphones with a zalman mic!...or you can try these but be aware of durability of gaming headsets...

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Simple vocab super summary: X.1 surround sound means that many speakers and a subwoofer. With fullsized speakers set up around the room it works great, because they're physically far enough apart to work. now imagine putting 5 speakers and a subwoofer into something the size of a normal set of headphones. The drivers, the thingies that actually make the sound, would need to be the size of ipod headphones (earbuds) to pull it off. Think about how even the best set of earbuds sounds in comparison to some HD555's, which are cheaper and FAR better than what you're looking at.


Plus, these 5 little earbud sized drivers are going to be less than an inch away from your ear. That's not going to be very good compared to a real pair of headphones running HRTF.

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