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General Shadow's SG Clothing Contest!

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Hey guys! I saw that Ngo made a thread about donating 20 dollars towards SG, so I thought I'd make a contest in that sort of fashion, I guess.



So basically, here's the lowdown:


General Shadow's Clothing Contest!

Every 2 weeks (may me up to every month), I will hold a raffle, like what Ngo does, and I will draw 2-3 names. Each of those people will win a selected prize from the SG store!

The options are listed:


So basically, to be entered into the draw, you must PM me, titled "Clothing Contest Entry", with this in the message:


Forum Name:

Real Name:


Favorite Color:


Contest entries will then be put in a random drawing, then I will pick a 2 or 3 each time the draw comes up! They will then be given the choice of picking one of the items in the shop!


The main goal of this is to spread the popularity of SteamGamers, and hopefully expand its' user-base.


The winners of the raffles will then be put into a "super-draw", in which the winners are all put in, and the one who wins this draw will be given the chance to get one of these items, and I will also personally donate 50 dollars to SG in their name. This draw will not be done often.


So, if you want to win some cool stuff, just message me now!

-General Shadow



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That is a nicely, well thought out idea to improve the Playerbase of SG.


Can't wait to see how it plays out.


Good Idea.




Two thumbs up!

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Forum Name: Ganzta

Real Name: Dan

Age: 17

Favorite Color: seeing how theres only one color...


*i rather just have the $25 to my paypal :d

I dont even think we do these anymore, I remember garfield mentioning something about us losing money on them.


back to my idea!!

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