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Any book readers?

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just looking for some suggestions. i started reading a bit lately and am looking for good books or authours.


i currently like chuck palahniuk and kurt vonnegut the most i would say. if any of you people who actually read books have any advice let me know.


oh... please no star wars or sci fi type books please. i have yet to want to read that genre of books.:smile1:

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The Stand - Stephen King is an amazing book one of his best

Phantoms - Dean Koontz was a fantastic book I read a while ago.


Also if your looking for a less serious kind of book Darren Shan has 2 series out one being, about a young boy becoming a vampire (12 book series) I read the whole series 5 times because I loved it that much.

His other series started off really good but as it went on I didn't particularly enjoy it at the end but you might so I would give it a try;D

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