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Worth the money?

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go with a 5770 or a 4890. you'll almost assuredly be disappointed with a 5750 (also that heatsink is shit). Though I'm not quite sure, what are you updating from?

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Comparing to Newegg's price, I found a similar model (the Newegg one has 1GB of RAM) and it is 139.99. And Newegg always has really reasonable prices, so I would say yes, this is worth the money.




this wasnt what he was asking






Might get it, tell me what you think, maybe you've used it before? Insight pl0x :p


no. if your getting it for the up and comming next generation of games using dx11, you will not be able to play any of the new games.


idealy with ur price range







as these are better at handling dx 9 and 10 games respectivly, than the 5750

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It's ATI. You're obviously wasting your money. Do your computer a favor and get Nvidia.


This would be true 2 years ago. But sadly, NVIDIA is not the same company it used to be. Rebrand after rebrand has ruined NVIDIA in my eyes. I just hope they pull themselves out of ATI's fire with the GT300...


...Or else I will have to switch to ATI myself. My 8800 GT doesn't get faster with age. :p

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