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Knex or Legos?  

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  1. 1. Knex or Legos?

Knex or Lego?

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I think it would be interesting to see what you like better.


I was always a knex person because of the rollercoasters you could build from them. If i had the money I would buy these:

Amazon.com: K'NEX Thrill Rides Son of Serpent Coaster: Toys & Games


Amazon.com: K'NEX Grandfather Clock: Toys & Games


I remember I got a new knex every christmas for about 4 years.. and for like 3days after I would wake up early to build them :p


I also remember making a dna model out of knex too back in highschool. It was badass :p


So what do you like better? Did you have a favorite knex/lego build?

Is there another form of building material you liked?

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You could build so many massive things with knex. At one point I had a 6ft ferris wheel going along with a hot wheels track with some knex supports on it. I think I also made a pistol that could shoot through a shoe box too :biggrin1:

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