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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. r u alive

    1. floffypus


      I am alive. Sadly not much time to hang around here anymore.

    2. skitzophranic


      do you make art still

    3. floffypus


      At work i do, not so much on my spare time.

  3. Sorry im really late, but happy birthday buddy :party:

  4. Happy birthday friendo! :amuse:

  5. I remember back in the old days complaints used to be public, or am i getting too old and cant remember straight Fingers crossed this will be a success.
  6. Thanks :) Thats good to hear. Theres always something to complain about, but i guess the cold weather is kinda pointless to complain about at this point :laugh:

  7. Holy shit man congratulations, that's absolutely fantastic to hear. All is well here up north, nothing at all to complain about :)

  8. Hey PingPong. At the moment everything is fine. In 4 months time my daughter will be born and after that i'm sure it'll all go to hell :derpina: How are you old friend?

  9. The man the legend, hope you've been well friend.

  10. No worries, nice to hear from you :) Im going to be a father next year so for now everything is good :p

  11. My absence throughout this year made me miss your birthday unfortunately, but thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope you're doing well.

  12. Happy Birthday old friend :)

  13. Only got one entry So there can only be one winner, or loser