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  1. Sorry im really late, but happy birthday buddy :party:

  2. Happy birthday friendo! :amuse:

  3. Good luck with everything. Life sure is full of surprises, so make sure to keep your eyes and mind open at all times
  4. I remember back in the old days complaints used to be public, or am i getting too old and cant remember straight Fingers crossed this will be a success.
  5. Thanks :) Thats good to hear. Theres always something to complain about, but i guess the cold weather is kinda pointless to complain about at this point :laugh:

  6. Holy shit man congratulations, that's absolutely fantastic to hear. All is well here up north, nothing at all to complain about :)

  7. Hey PingPong. At the moment everything is fine. In 4 months time my daughter will be born and after that i'm sure it'll all go to hell :derpina: How are you old friend?

  8. The man the legend, hope you've been well friend.

  9. With some custom programming i think so, but im not sure vbulletin and how the home page is set up works that way. When we used the front page for news, posts/threads had to be made in a certain sub-forum, and the home page would display these posts/threads from that specific sub-forum. I might remember this completely wrong. I definitely think this is something we should look into again. This could be a great way to give a healthy growth to the community, and gives people more reasons to visit our site. One thing i never got the time to look much into is SEO, and how well we do in google searches, but posting gaming news could make us show up in google searches more often. I think i barely scratched the surface regarding SEO when we/i looked into google analytics for our site, and if i remember correctly we dont have much SEO at all since we have disabled HTML and CSS for threads and posts.
  10. I had some ideas like this few years back when we updated vbulletin if i remember correctly. And we actually did post gaming news on the front page. But the lack of content shut that project down i think. Some of the issues were that we couldn't just copy a text from other sites regarding new games, we either needed to get the text from the developers sites, or write it our selves. I wanted to ask sites like PC Gamer if we could repost their content on our site, giving them credit and linking back to their post.
  11. No worries, nice to hear from you :) Im going to be a father next year so for now everything is good :p

  12. My absence throughout this year made me miss your birthday unfortunately, but thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope you're doing well.

  13. This is how the car looked like from the dealer This is after i've plastidiped the wheels, wrapped the roof, installed ledstrip foglights and headlights and added extra chrome trims Gotta say im pretty happy with the look