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  1. r u alive

    1. floffypus


      I am alive. Sadly not much time to hang around here anymore.

    2. skitzophranic


      do you make art still

    3. floffypus


      At work i do, not so much on my spare time.

  2. Sorry im really late, but happy birthday buddy :party:

  3. Happy birthday friendo! :amuse:

  4. I remember back in the old days complaints used to be public, or am i getting too old and cant remember straight Fingers crossed this will be a success.
  5. Thanks :) Thats good to hear. Theres always something to complain about, but i guess the cold weather is kinda pointless to complain about at this point :laugh:

  6. Holy shit man congratulations, that's absolutely fantastic to hear. All is well here up north, nothing at all to complain about :)

  7. Hey PingPong. At the moment everything is fine. In 4 months time my daughter will be born and after that i'm sure it'll all go to hell :derpina: How are you old friend?

  8. The man the legend, hope you've been well friend.

  9. No worries, nice to hear from you :) Im going to be a father next year so for now everything is good :p

  10. My absence throughout this year made me miss your birthday unfortunately, but thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope you're doing well.

  11. Happy Birthday old friend :)

  12. Only got one entry So there can only be one winner, or loser
  13. New download links: Intro - Outro All entries must be submitted by the end of Saturday. The prices may change depending on how many entries we get, but there will be store credits to all winners!