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  1. Use your 2nd amendment rights and do something about it, glad to see some good protesting going on.
  2. frosty

    Biden vs Trump

    I never saw Trump, Clinton & more at Epstein's island, doesn't mean it's not true
  3. frosty

    Biden vs Trump

    Sad state of affairs when the "good" choice is just a lesser of two evils.
  4. thats why were bff

  5. lmao I still say that to this day because of you

  6. it is what it is

  7. no hard feelings

  8. heh, nottin personnell

  9. If money isn't an issue I recommend making the jump to a 144hz monitor, 27 inch if possible. worth the upgrade.
  10. frosty

    Corona Virus

    Pretty much complete lock down here in the UK now, the only benefit is that I can now work from home and get more done. Funny how three weeks ago it wasn't a big concern for anyone and now here we are.