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A Chimera HUNT Server

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This gamemode is kinda like TTT but different. There is 1 Chimera picked randomly at the being of a round. The Chimera as to kill the pigs which will be the other players. There is only 1 way to kill a Chimera and its being pressing "E" on the button on its back. Every time someone kills a Chimera they go up a level but the level will be lost as soon as you die. The level don't change anything about how you play. The only thing they change is how you look and what type of wave you do when you right click. If you guys want to see some gameplay of Chimera HUNT I'll link a video I found of it.


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I've played it before and it seems boring as hell. It's just a hide n' seek type gamemode and it's easy to get killed. Therefore you'll be spending most of your time in spec.

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