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  1. congrats honorable gamer!

  2. Aznsoul


    Thank you to all that helped got our new home started! As well as thank you to @MPQC and @floffypus for your hard work over the years!
  3. These are SWEET! Nice job Floffy and Darnias!
  4. I'm surprised this hasn't been made [ATTACH=CONFIG]13888[/ATTACH]
  5. The wonders of based terrible wifi connection can be quite surprising.
  6. Just noticed this thread >.> I was wondering where you put that screenshot of me crashing after I said that LOL! (fuggin CS:GO)
  7. You ready to be on the same team again?
  8. Amazing work guys! You got some real nice things going up for the raffle!
  9. Is there a green spartan for SAs? Then maybe move the gold one to CAs? Just an idea Anyways, these are pretty sweet to have!
  10. Oh?



    But I would *dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn*

  11. no



    you wouldnt dare

  12. Get admin back or I'm sending your waifu to Nuclear Onion