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I'd recommend you put more time into editing. I've done a few clips of csgo frags, they take forever, but it's worth it. There are so many frag montage out there you really gotta have quality or good frags to grab spectators.


My recommendations are that you choose carefully what clip you want to put in, since pistol 2Ks are daily for ever player, you're making your chance to gain subs smaller.

You can also make shorter videos, sparkles-like, but with better editing, music, quality, basically.


That's just my opinion based on my viewer point of view, you need to ask yourself; would I watch my content, would I sub to my channel?


Thats it, it's all on you. You're the one to decide what happens with your channel, you're the boss. Have fun making those!


P.S., like @nick said above, check out on google for tutorials with ingame commands to provide a better demo. There sre also a good variety of tutorials on youtube for those matters.

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