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jail_buyukisyan_minecraft request

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Map Suggestion

Full map name


Type of map

Jail Break

Link to map download

Additional Information

Minecraft themed remake of the jail_buyukisyan.This is the first map i've ever made for CS:GO so it's not the best.if you find bugs please let me know.There are 16 game areas in the map and they're:


  • Talent

  • Club

  • Court

  • Lastrequest(LR)

  • Pool

  • Kz

  • Rope Jump

  • True/False

  • Aim

  • A game called uzunesek (Translate says leapfrogging but it's not the same?)

  • Deathblock/deathcrate

  • Driver Game

  • Boxing

  • Football/Soccer

  • Parkour

Screenshots attached


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I decided to download the map and look at it. I made a video with my discoveries and thoughts about the map.



If you want my short opinion, the map's layout is T sided and painful for CT players. The map is weirdly stretched, as in too long in one direction, not really a square (similar to jb_undertale, it takes a long time to get from place to place. Armory is too accessible, no prisoner accessible medic.



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