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  1. __enderspine__ also while I’m here, don’t put underscores next to each other in any ign. People don’t understand the idea of underscore underscore
  2. Ender

    Total misplay. 

  3. I lost the original for my profile picture, is it possible for you to rip it from the website in better resolution than the sidebar?
  4. What are gangs for? They do nearly nothing, and there’s literally no incentive to do anything with gangs, unless there is an event specifically directed at them. Imho, I’d rather see prisoner ranks on server than gangs, unless there is a possibility of adding gang perks or something.
  5. might come as a sub, dont wanna commit because might have plans ign: __enderspine__
  6. I also made a thread about this in october (exactly a month ago, coincedentally). here it didnt seem to get much traction, i dont think people are too interested in it.
  7. actual good clips, nice edits. edit: watched it again, and realized why its so good. there are some clips of just great skill, but most of the clips capture that part of JB you cant get in other games, that human element. people doing things not to win, but to laugh
  8. i must ask, if you think the server is not perfect, and you would add nothing, would you prefer to see things removed instead? perhaps a simplification is more in order, rather than more new mechanics to confuse the dwindling amount of new players coming in? this may sound odd, but the primary reason I myself do not play on TTT is because of the addons and zany things added. I think of TTT as the simple days, when Ts had teleporters, c4, body armor, and that was pretty much it (granted this was beginning gmod TTT times). This, coupled with not at all familiar maps [excluding the Gmod rips, community_bowling, dolls, 67th_way] makes CS TTT feel like a 3rd party rip off of a 3rd party rip off.
  9. Ender

    Hello gamers

    be the ct you want to be. play the game to have fun, and the rest will follow
  10. I also must ask, there are a few things on that there list that raise some eyebrows. Things that kinda seem, off? Starting at the top, I dunno how you accidentally ban an entire server, seems like a mistake that is 99.9% avoidable. Banning yourself is an infraction? It makes sense if you want admins to not ban themselves instead of leaving the server, but other than that it's just punishing someone over a one time mistake. See also, misuse of admin powers. What does False Banning imply? Banning people willy-nilly should be a swift demotion, so would this apply to admins that pull the trigger too quickly? Why is the punishment so lax? Ignoring Rulebreaking should not be an infraction IMHO. There's two ways it happens, either unintentional (not at the screen, tabbed out) or malicious inaction. The latter will be called in question in cases of the former. Why is the punishment for encouraging players to break rules not higher? You don't unintentionally do this. What is Lack of responsibility for own account? Will admins without 2FA be punished if their steam is exposed? Does this only apply to admins giving out their pw? I still do not understand why strikes/infractions are public knowledge. It doesn't help players and regulars, and moreso seems like a public branding. Also, will these infractions be a one infraction per incident (using the one that fits best), or will they stack with one another?
  11. These infraction points are going to kept to AO+ eyes only, right? Otherwise, it would become very easy for blackmail to be levered against admins.
  12. Okay, you've identified a problem, and are offering actions to take in effort to remedy that. I think it would help to talk more about your ideas and paint a clearer picture.
  13. damn bro you callin me out? Yes, you should be able to ask someone to drop a weapon in text, and should also be sure to give appropriate amount of time inso the prisoner can notice, understand, and obey.
  14. This, pushes more to the idea that @dafty and @Cept For Her said, being that there should be no "trigger words" allowed. If the media team is worried about the things the players say and do on server affecting advertisement, then it's either none of it, or better editing done in post. If people calling one another f@gs doesn't look good, how is "bitch", "cunt", or "fucker" going to seem any better. All in all, seems like a safe move. It's easier to market anything without twelve year olds saying homophobic slurs. But, it is a half measure.