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Why We Like SG Servers

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I like SG servers because the admins are on (almost) all the time and they're nice but some are mean. But it doesnt matter because I love SG's in-game features like skins and tracers and etc. that some other servers dont have. I've met some of my best friends on the server because the community is great. (except for those douches who rdm and leave like jerks ;-;). I have no problems with the SG community and I'll keep playing for a long time.

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I get nostalgia from 3-4 years ago and good/bad memories.


The servers are legitimately fun and all on one game which is really convenient.


The community is pretty accepting of players as long as your not acting like a troll or otherwise emotional idiot.

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This community connects and socializes in a very positive way that I don't see other communities doing. The hierarchy system that we have going also is a great way of problem-solving. Social stabilization is incredibly strong in this community due to the overall outlook and vibes that people such as yourself bring. #KeepSGGreat

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I love SG because I dont have a choice anymore. After 8 years im like that one guy in the old folks home who is always happy to see you once a year. That and I love the people here. Smart, funny, and full of.... stuff!

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