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  1. what's up kicks

  2. Congratulations on LG!

  3. Dimitry

    PB Evaluation

    If you make prison break less cancer then it is, i will declare fatwa on you. Non the less, good luck with it.
  4. I like ur Avatar :]

    Crypt of the necrodancer right?

  5. Dimitry

    OP Armor

    I really don't see the problem with it. The helmet Kevlar combo allows those not fortunate enough to have a microphone to be given a safety line for when they need to stop and type. So those without microphones isn't that severely at disadvantage from a microphone talking player. (Cause lets be honest, when there isnt a 5 year old banshee destroying my already tinnitus ridden ears, CT side does end up being undermanned sometimes) It requires a T to use his brain and possible coordinate with teammates before he pulls a firearm out and engage in a firefight. instead of one tapping that poor kid who was typing orders or that talking CT who didn't want to unload a entire 5.56mm/7.62mm into a crowd of somalian prisoneers. Majority of maps allow you acess to high penetration weapons, like deagles and scouts to counter kevlars. The cell pistols just allows you some early firepower if the chance appears. It puts more pressure on the whole assymmetrical gamemode. You are suppose to be at disadvantage and make due with what you have and how the situation unfolds. Once you learn how to pick the right timing and place, a kevlar helmet means very little unless you are digging a basement for the silver 1. It requires you to coordinate with teammates most of time. Which can be pretty hard when your teammates most of times can be compared to lobotomized patients with down syndrome and cerebral palsy. (God bless Prison break) Majority of Prison break players are in such a special silver tier, valve decided to make the specials tournament to give them a chance. Don't blame the game cause you decided to go full detroit side grip mofo on that CT watching you with a Kalashnikov, just praying you do something stupid. It gives a little bit advantage forward a skilled CT player i can agree. But that just means you require a arabian spring of fellow rebellers to assist you. But if that isn't enough to kill that CT, then you sure as fuck didn't have a higher chance with him leaving the Kevlar set at home and going to work in his undies. :adog::adog::adog:
  6. Hey dad UR GEY

  7. Merry Christmas! _marry_christmas__by_luckylinx.gif

  8. why did you look at my profile and not comment?

  9. ur fina get rdm'd in ttt next time u come on

  10. Bitches love me ;pimpglasses:

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    [TD]Not sure if zombie is trolling or just stupid hmm[/TD]