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recommend some PC games

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Here are some of my favorite steam gamesm that I own in an alpabetical order:



Binding of isaac

Borderlands 1, 2 and pre sequel

Call of duty World at War

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Dead by Daylight


Dota 2

Don't Starve

Duck game

Garry's mod


Hotline miami

Keep Talking and nobody explodes (you will need a friend)

Kerbal Space Program

Left 4 Dead 2

Life is strange

Metal gear solid V: THE PHANTOM PAIN (one of my favorite games)

Payday 2

Rocket League



XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Wasteland 2


PLUS ALL THE TELLTALE GAMES, THEY ARE ALL EQUALLY AWESOME (Specially "the walking dead series" and the "borderlands" series from Telltale)

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Personally I thoroughly enjoyed Metro: 2033 (book was fantastic as well) & Metro: Last Light. Highly recommend if you want an atmospheric single player shooter. Probably best to pick up during a sale though

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If you want my super duper serious answer, get all the sakura games, all the nekopara games, and probably the hyperdimension games too.


If you want my serious answer though, I'd recommend:

  • Any Elder Scrolls game (Skyrim my favorite and only game I have)
  • Fallout games
  • Dishonored
  • The Batman Arkham series games
  • Rust
  • The Division (mostly good when playing with friends)
  • Assassin creed games (I like Black Flag)
  • Total war games


So many games to get, you can even check out my games list if you really wanna take a look

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don't get the weeb games if you plan on playing these around anyone ever. you dont want anyone to see you looking at the frequent panty shots.



Tch, true weebs know not to buy those games on steam anyways, because steam edits out the nudity.(unless you download a patch of course


That aside, I have been playing a lot of RTS management games such as Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld. There's another one I recently discovered called Kenchi, which is kind of like if you combined an Elder Scrolls game with Dearf Fortress. Still has a lot of bugs though.


You were rather vague asking for recommendations of just any game doe, and most of the best I can think of have already been mentioned

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