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What's your guilty pleasure song/album/artist?

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So we all have genres that we like and genres that we dislike. I myself am a bit of a metal head, but I also enjoy a wide variety of techno and rock. I usually can't stand rock, country, or pop.


So I guess I'm asking a few things, first being what is the worst song/album/band that you find that you actually quite like? What is a song that by all means you think is shit, but you like anyways?


Mine would be Bring Me the Horizon's album That's the Spirit. God that band is so fucking edgy/emo that I hate them, and I tend to stay away from Metalcore to begin with, but for some reason I took a liking to a couple of songs off the album and ended up buying it a few months ago.


Second, what is a song/album/band from a genre you say you dislike, but that song/a/b makes you wonder if you really do (or not, but you still like it/them)


Take That, a british boy band from the 90s, came out with an album called Progress in 2011 and I'll be damned if I don't like it. Well, I like the two disc version called Progressed, and I only like the second disc, (which I think is actually the album Progress and the first disc is the extras but idk), but I was shocked when I found out that they were a boy band because tehy sound so much like a techno band. Idk, maybe British music is just better.


And last, what is a song/album/band that you would never admit to anyone you know IRL that you like? Maybe it's embarrassing, maybe its a Katy Perry song and your not out of the closet yet, I'm not judging (openly).


Miku by Anamanaguchi and just Baby Metal in general. Enough said.


(sorry if there's been a thread like this before, I didn't see one on the front page so i just made one)

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well i dont consider my guilty pleasures bad, i just consider them something im ashamed i enjoy. No offense Wawa


You dirty, filthy child.

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