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  1. 6:00 am Dead by Daylight + 8:00 pm Dead by Daylight Primarily the 6:00 am one, you can throw me down for 8:00 in case not enough people sign up. Thanks again Spiked!
  2. On gmod TTT right clicking to plant C4 would make it immovable. And you could freeze health stations, which would again, (unless someone held e on it for like 10 seconds)make it immovable. What I'm saying is let's work around it. It's a matter of new players not understanding whether moving it is KOS or not, and admins maybe giving them different answers. I'm quote on quote "fine" with leaving it, but addressing some of the issues that may arise with this new thing seems like a good way of working around it.
  3. I mean. This is kindaaaa an issue imo. Ignoring the c4 being carried off buildings thing, now anyone can just walk up and take the detective's health station? If it does stay, maybe just clarify a few rules regarding innos moving c4 or things along those lines and getting other innos killed and a few rules about throwing the detective's health station out the map or running away with it. Like if it's KOS or not, warning rule, etc. etc. I mean, if it's possible to make those objects to where they can't be interacted with then I'm for that I suppose. But if not, just clarifying a few new rules with it would be enough to avoid confusion. I guess this probably deserves a @arottenpickle @SL4DE to see what they think/decide on
  4. I'm not gay but free shit is free shit
  5. Dead by Daylight and Elite Dangerous EDIT: Be down for ZE if you do it as well, been getting into that lately name: shadow_abyss @SpikedRocker Added! @shadow abyss
  6. I saw this photo on the internet and it made me think of you haha

  7. Thanks for hosting all this mate! T'was fun
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Guess I better get prepared... *Turns down volume*
  9. Hm, perhaps simply adding more options for traitors in the menu? I'll look around for some options, and try to think of some ideas myself. I'll make a separate thread if I find anything I feel is worth adding Perhaps if there were some extra options to cause chaos or manipulate the innocents, it might add some extra approaches for us players with less time invested in aiming Either way, thanks for hearing out the idea, and I appreciate all the feedback!