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Regs should get kick powers!

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Hey guys, I've been playing Escape sever all today, and... if I was a admin I would have banned over 3 people today. :partydance:


I saw people being racist, glitching, and all out being a dick.


Regs should get the power to kick.

This should be thought about.

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While I am not an admin, I think it is kind of risky to give that sort of power to non admins. Players complaint sections allow issues to be sorted, investigated and dealt with. Letting the regular players do this may be an issue bc they are not scrutinized as heavily as the admin in applying for it. Plus it may lead to regs that are unpopular getting kicked for little to no reason... again, in my honest opinion, I think the current method of dealing with things is more than satisfactory.

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With The Ability of Any SA To Pretty Much Throw Out His Reg Tag To Anyone It Is Very Possible That We Would Get Many People Who Would Abuse This Feature.


Reg's Do Not have To Apply Or Be Vetted In Any Way And Therefore Are Candidates For Abuse.


We Do Not need To Add More Liability To This Community Unless They Are Properly Added.

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As stated above.. not enough of a screening process and it would just create problems.


Take screen shots and demo's post them in the forums and get the griefers banned.

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