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Confession Thread

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on a different gun game server, when the 1st person is on knife level (if there on my team) and the map changes to "friendly fire" i shoot the lead person to weaken his life to 10-20% in the hope that someone knifes the son of a bitch!

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LOL don't feel bad ppl we all been down that road before but me on a different server i killed my own teamate for killing a hostage but here the catch i have a skin for the hostages that they are babes. as soon as he murdered one i said U SON OF A B!! boom headshot. dam i got slayed next round though

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I teamkill LitKey on Forgotten Hope whenever I get bored.


When there's a spam of grenades I throw one of my own into a barricade.


I spam the admin sounds "MOVE!!!" and "I am cornholio."


I once said I was bisexual when there was an argument over gays on the server to laugh at people in the awkward silence.


I often glitch people out of helicopters on escape maps if I don't like their name.


I used to teleport myself and a few other admins constantly up to that glitch spot by the tunnel on that small bridge map so no-one could get us.


I once, just once, on 4way...I did a barrel roll.


You sinfull child!.


back to topic..


I once did a lagg montage on defferent servers when they had matrix as a map..with one of the admins from here (spamming vending machines) oh and i also went to zombiemurderS a day and told them all that the server failed and that they where losers and have no life and they are gay.. i told microshock and that acidreflex guy. hihihihi

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Ambulancia was on my team on Insurgency, so I took out the bipod on my RPK and just kept firing into his building. It produced many lulz until he saw me, then I {Ran away!}.

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