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Congrats to Suricruise

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Suricruise promoted to Administrative Manager (AM)


Suricruise has done such a great job as an AO I think its time he take on leadership role with in the AO ranks. Suri is the perfect role model for the rest of the AO's and will now officially be in charge of the AO group.


Suri will continue to help out with the AO's duties but will now focus on getting the rest of the group more organized and assist them with duties they might need help on.


Here is a small list of additional duties/responsibilities the (AM) will be in charge of:


  • Manage AO duties and responsabilities.
  • Make sure AO's each due their share of work.
  • Recommend candadites for AO Promotions.
  • Report directly to Board of Directors about AO issues.
  • Punish AO's for inapropriate/incorrect actions.


Join me in congratulating him for a job well done.

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