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ok its official the SG community will be having its very own STEAMGAMERS OLYMPICS . It would be minor tournaments, single and team events with different zm categorys I will have sign-ups . Please post your name and YOU MUST PROVIDE A STEAM ID SO WE CAN MESSAGE YOU WHEN YOUR EVENT IS STARTING. we will give every player a week notice before there event is starting and please keep a look out for when i post the sign up sheet . also if you are thinking about a team event bring at least 3 people or if you don't have a team sign up and you will be assigned to a team by me or an AO which leaves me to my next issue i need 1-2 AOs or a BD to help me by putting passwords and a script that i need because we will need passwords on the following servers . The password will only be there for 1-2 hours at most till the event is done . i also need an AO to supervise every event and yes THERE WILL BE AN AO AND BD TEAM and an AV team and an admin team but only one each




gun game

zombie horde

zombie hell

slide race




1 gun game reverse 6 vs 6 tournament


2 zombie hell last man standing singles

play till everyone hass at least 1 death)


3 zombie hoard kill count (out of 10 rounds)


4 crackhouse dm 8 pl teams

(first team to get to 400 points.)(need a scrips for that)


5 crackhouse dm KD individuals highest kd after 25 min of playing


5.5 crackhouse kill count after 25 mins of gameplay


6 sliderace individuals

player with least deaths after 10 rounds {for slideface to death}


6.6 sliderace race! first person reach the end wins


7 sliderace teams

first team member to reach the end


8 napalm score individuals

highest overall score


9 napalm zombie kills medal

most zombies killd by an individual in 15 rounds


10 climb race singles

first person to reach the top



i was also thinking as a prize for all the champions they will get a cool sig that says SG OLYMPIC CHAMPION!!!


i would definitely need help from the BDs and others that can help. If you have any other ideas for events tell me.

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if i get enough support for this event i will try to make a sign up sheet (aka post) for people and there events . if your interested just at least sign up even if we do not have a set date yet we will try to make the events the will best fit in to your schedule. i ask everyone to sign up for at least one event so we can get enough players to play im hoping for a good turn out .


but who knows this might be an epic fail

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this is really actually cool,i think for the death run server should be


1. first person to finish on blackout map wins

2. person with the most T kills(after 10 rounds)wins

3. Ts with the most kills by knifing the CTs(after 10 rounds) wins

4. Ts with the most kills in the same buttons(after 15 rounds) wins


I approve this message(even tho i aint admin or AO):thumbup:

but this is nice thing to do


I AM IN SIGN ME UP!:thumbup:

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