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Here is steamgamers youtube account that I have created to upload videos of our servers. I have created this account to basically show the rest of the world our servers and what we play.


Please send me any videos that you wish to upload, either post them in this thread so that I can take a look and upload them to the Youtube Account.


Steamgamers Account: http://www.youtube.com/user/SGSteamGamers





***MiniGames VIDEO***



***Sliderace VIDEO***



***Surf VIDEO***



Someone had allready taken steamgamers name so that was the next best one i could create.


So far there is only my one deathrun video on there, but I will be creating more in the coming weeks or so.


Please feel free to subscribe to this account and leave video response's so that we can attract more views to come and look at the videos on this account and hopefully get more publicity and attract more players into our community.



I am doing these video's for fun and to promote our servers! I am using Windows Movie Maker, so please take this into account.



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Yes, which i found out after this, but I have talked to spike and it's cool, I will use my account for general steamgamers videos. Also Link to Spike's fpsb account is on my youtube channel home page.

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I'm going to try work on simple vid of most our servers when ever I get around to it since I've been thinking a while already what to put in it


But yea, great job on this so far :wink:


I started one on deathrun maxwell...just so you know.

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