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TTT Golden Knife Only Event

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So I was thinking that there could be an option to regularly choose a gold knife only event since knife onlys are pretty fun to many people. This event could be voted for separately next to the vote for maps box when we change maps. What would happen is that it would be normal TTT, but no guns. Just golden knives. This would make the player experience both more skill based when it comes to close range and also funner when it comes to multiple ways of gameplay. You would still be able to use abilities like radar,kevlar,jihad, but no long range things. (Just a suggestion)

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I mean this does sound fun, but I feel like there would be so many negatives to this idea. I think you should add more to explain to us how this would work. Like, do you pick up the gold knives? Do you think nades should be allowed? Once you kill someone, will you keep the knife or will it disappear? Will there be a delay before being able to use a gold knife again or can you just swing your knife around and kill people? Once T's are KOSed, wouldn't it just turn into a game of tag? Like all the inno's will chase you around the map until your T buddy helps you kill all of them. Most of the T and detective items would be useless, like armor, weapons and Health stations/shots. These are just some problems I found to the idea and there are probably much more. Again, this is not a bad idea, I just feel like there would be way to many negatives to it.

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Sounds fun and all but this leaves all the traitors expose and that’s what everyone is going to be looking for, not the mention the rdms that already happen because of a bayonet lore are already just as common. It would be just a rdm fest like others have already said and no one would be having fun it all going down like that and then the fact admins still have to punish all that is just in unenthical and not fair because new players wouldn’t understand. Good idea but I say no.

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Wouldn't necessarily be against an event that is limited to knives, just the idea needs some fine-tuning. First of all, I don't think everyone should have a gold knife. I think that would just be a little too chaotic. If we were to go with this only traitors should be the only ones allowed to buy gold knives because they're too outnumbered to realistically have a chance of winning.


Would anyone be opposed to a knife and zeus event instead? Pretty much everyone could have a zeus that recharges and a knife in case it misses. It would essentially be a gold knife but less "guaranteed" of a kill so it might not be as chaotic as a gold knife event. The only issue I see with an idea like that is the detective already has a zeus, but I'm sure we could figure out a way to work around that.

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