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  1. Sheesh, you should start running, then maybe you can fit through the gate.
  2. Excuse me? Everyone around me is just another protégée….
  3. What time? I have to let my chariot know, as the Glock Lord is making his return..
  4. If we are gonna go down this path onto adding stuff for Prisoner's to buy while ingame, there isn't much we can do. As we have to keep the game-mode "Jail-Break" pretty authentic. There shouldn't be a way for Prisoner's to get "One Shot Deag's", "throwable Knifes".. For Prisoner's to get weapons in the game mode, they have to rebel and use some type of sense to get a weapon, if we made it for prisoners to get points we would be slowly shifting away from the idea; of prisoners having to move quietly to break out of the Jail.. Adding little things to a Traitor menu doesn't have so much of a sway of the round, maybe adding a smoke, Flashes, I mean even a zeuz, only for how close you have to be to use them, but on top of my head, that's all I can think of. We could also try to implement a "resurrection" as a menu option, but wouldn't work if a CT Killed you, be like a if you died in a death game or fell to your death type of revive.
  5. Alright who’s ready for the “Glock Lord” to take his throne back.
  6. It’s rough when the event is at 5.. sounds like a fun event hope everyone has a good time!
  7. I might be able to be there for this one!!!
  8. We love to see it bacon!!!
  9. Time to carry!! :D
  10. You need a 2kd, well I’m out of luck… I just wanted to flex my global status on trazz… From what I can tell it’s a lot more of a grind now, which isn’t a terrible thing just not something I’m use to. Points are tremendously harder to gain for plebs like me who just use a scout or a deagle. For the players that grind out retakes it’s definitely gonna give them time to continuously play and work on it as well as if the 2 kd is correct then also something they are gonna have to work on. Overall Good update!
  11. I am sorry, but logic here. Its Trouble In Terrorist Town, T-Baiting is meant to be use in this game mode due to the part where if an Innocent T-baits a Traitor, it makes the traitor think he has been caught and should start shooting. Now most of our experience players won't shoot at you if they're a traitor for t-baiting because they know if you could kill them you would of already done it. Another thing, if you see someone T-Baiting you don't have to kill them... A lot of people just run around to just do that, doesn't mean you have to kill everyone single person that shoots a bullet near you. If you understand , you'll know when they're trying to hit you and when they're just trying to get you to react, read the situation and see where it can go. The game would be so much simpler for everyone if they just use a little bit of brain power and read a situation before just clicking mouse1 every time.
  12. Still don’t understand why this map is on TTT… Way to many secrets and basically encouraging prop blocking.
  13. Why are the ze events always when I have to work… :(((
  14. I mean to an extent, yes, but as I said it shouldn't be a 24/7 base server, overall the idea is to have something thats new and different compared to other things to make us stand out. We should at least try something and see if it holds results, then just say its gonna kill the other server's population. In that week off who knows the 1 ttt server could possibly have more players coming to ours.