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  1. Wth, are you kidding me! I seriously don’t understand how y’all getting these times I thought I did well!!
  2. Congratulations everyone! Super fun time, hope everyone keeps enjoying the server!
  3. Don't give up, You, @oSen, @gween, Have honestly done so much behind the scenes for TTT its remarkable how most players don't see it. You're doing a great job. Lynxie already touched on your suggestion, and thought I would do, I don't see how an Ammo Refill would benefit any players, as how many guns are laying on the ground on the maps, they can just pick another one up, as well as feel it would never be used, it would be something that we add, and would have a conversation about in a few months about removing. I can agree to this statement, Do not believe adding auto's to the servers are gonna do much except cause for more players to complain and as well not want to play. These aren't bad suggestions, as some of them we have already done, back in 2018-2019, matchboxes use to be on the server. It was never used, nor did anyone ever even mention it. I believe when they removed it, no one even notice it was gone. I feel anything to do with the players bodies, most players won't touch as its more then likely gonna waste their time. Gold Knife for an innocent? I really don't know how I feel about that in general, as a lot of players already like to just run around swinging their knife, then bam a player walks up and died because they had a gold knife. Just see a lot of rdming coming from this and most players not actually using it the way we would intend for it to be used. I mean sure.... Could be something to look into, and maybe as well as the Poison Dart, could also be something we can look at, as its a fun way to kill a traitor and anyone that could be hiding with him. Poison Dart basically emits a radioactive aura that damages anyone in a radius of the player. Be something that I would love on the server. For innocent menu's I mean only so much we can actually add, Possibly adding a way to target your kos's? Making them glow or have something around them that is only for you, since you called the kos. Be easier for players to actually follow through on their kos's while as well not giving all the innocents a big advantage. Even making it to where innocents can replenish their armor, or buying an extra health shot, Can help the innocent's out a lot more. I can't believe I am even suggesting it, letting people buy riot shields. Even though most players will use it to mass barricade themselves in rooms or something along those lines. Still something that can be looked at, but does come along with bugs that I have seen on other servers that have used this. I'll add more to this post If I can come up with anymore idea's.
  4. @Mahadeenyou able to play any earlier?
  5. I personally don't see anyone of the "Gsg9 Addict" to "Arctic -css" ever been used on the server, would say replace those with the vip and sub models, and rotate some new models on the supporter side.
  6. Dear Prisoner's We are so happy that the Server is doing Amazing, and everyone is enjoying themselves. We just wanted to let everyone know about some of the upcoming changes within this month. All Gang Wars & CT Rank Race 1st Place Winners will be losing their custom model's, only previous season winners will keep their custom model until future winners are crowned. This season's winners will have an extra month added to their time with the player model's due to delays in crowning this previous season of winners. If they're any question or concerns feel free to drop a comment down below! Hope everyone has a great day!
  7. Seen this on other servers, its something that can be added but I have seen players abuse it. As in hide in corners on maps or walking in a Congo line all riot shields.. Some of the servers also have issues with it not working correctly and some bugs, to where they aren't breaking when getting shot at. Just keep it in mind, to whoever looks at this.
  8. Sheesh, you should start running, then maybe you can fit through the gate.
  9. Excuse me? Everyone around me is just another protégée….
  10. What time? I have to let my chariot know, as the Glock Lord is making his return..
  11. If we are gonna go down this path onto adding stuff for Prisoner's to buy while ingame, there isn't much we can do. As we have to keep the game-mode "Jail-Break" pretty authentic. There shouldn't be a way for Prisoner's to get "One Shot Deag's", "throwable Knifes".. For Prisoner's to get weapons in the game mode, they have to rebel and use some type of sense to get a weapon, if we made it for prisoners to get points we would be slowly shifting away from the idea; of prisoners having to move quietly to break out of the Jail.. Adding little things to a Traitor menu doesn't have so much of a sway of the round, maybe adding a smoke, Flashes, I mean even a zeuz, only for how close you have to be to use them, but on top of my head, that's all I can think of. We could also try to implement a "resurrection" as a menu option, but wouldn't work if a CT Killed you, be like a if you died in a death game or fell to your death type of revive.