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  1. See you already have the wrong impression of "ZE" as this was a ZM Map as in the humans are suppose to barricade themselves in rooms and try to last as long as they can with out getting infected. Zombie Escape is much more then just this clip, I promise you that. How dare you try to "flex" on me Kuri, next time I won't be so easy. ;)
  2. ....... I give up, this just hurts my feelings.
  3. I am just a legend, did this with 200 ping. Edit: Hit 49 sec's :D
  4. ImHunterIRL

    Prime Only

    I have to disagree on this, If they did turn on Prime again, it would kill the server as Damon already stated, but to the point to where I am at on TTT, I can vouch and say we have met 10-20 new comers and seen them come back to the server enjoying there selves. Most of the players do start out by breaking the rules but when they start talking to the players and learn they're doing something wrong, they usually take the time to read through our rules or there is an admin or Regular player there to walk them through how to play. I can agree there are some people who are making throw away accounts to do ill content on the servers but at the end of the day some of the admins are active enough to see it and are on to stop it, if they're not then regulars or the forums to make a report on that player pops up into chat every 10-20 minutes. I just don't see the big deal about having prime on for any Community Server as you shut your doors to more people. At the end of the day, Yes numbers means future endeavors with sponsors or anything that the Marketing Team may be looking at it, but at the end of the day the community is your building block. That Block shouldn't be touch unless needed to because if you push the community in the wrong direction that can be the end of a community very quickly to people that don't realize it.
  5. ImHunterIRL


    I personally like Overtime, as if the game gets to the point where it should continue after the 30 rounds, usually means its a good game, and someone should claim victorious out of it! I would like to see something after 3 overtime rounds, maybe should call it a draw or some type of way of claiming victory to a team after that.
  6. 09/03/2019 Elevator killing very quickly on ttt_codewise @Ned
  7. I like the idea, but one of the main reasons why I love TTT is because of karma, I like how I can set a goal for my karma to be at and go for it. I do think this will cause some issues when people are just mass rdming and can't really do much except take the loss of karma for that map.
  8. "LRs are considered to be complete when the prisoner and/or participating CT dies. A T may request to continue his Lr after it is complete, but CTs are not required to honor this request and the T may be killed."
  9. Yo I don’t know what y’all mean I definitely clapped all these members cheeks! It was fun had a lot of fun streaming it!
  10. I’m going to be streaming this event! Make sure to come out and hang out!
  11. cool guy everywhere bot in scrim

  12. Can we listen to Katy perry?