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  1. 7/5/2022 Added Stealth Role for innocent side of Sub-Roles
  2. The original plans was to have the roles assign randomly, but when we initially released the update The two plugins didn’t want to work together very well. For the past month me and @BoTotried to find a way where we can get the plugins to work together but couldn’t. I didn’t want to scrap the whole idea of sub roles and decided this was the best course of action for the time being till something else can be done. This has already been fixed, thank you for posting!
  3. Alright everyone! Happy to finally be able to bring back Sub-Roles. Took some time in order to figure out the best way to get it back into the servers for you all to enjoy! Here are the changes for the Sub Roles! Sub Roles are now able to be picked by you as players for which one you want to play. At the beginning of the round all you have to do is do !roles and select which sub role you would like to play. Do be aware you can only select roles that are applicable to the main role you're assigned. (Traitor, Innocent) Once you have picked your role you will be given everything the role desires for you to succeed. Example: Healer role, you will be given a revolver. To be able to make sure everyone gets a chance to use the sub roles, once you have been given a sub role, you won't be able to pick another sub roles for Two Rounds! If you have any questions please feel free to message me or make another thread! Hope everyone enjoys the new update!
  4. This is something I can look into, but don’t think it’s gonna be compatible with the plug-in and how roles are shown on the scoreboard, but is something I will check.
  5. It is being worked on as we speak! I will post further information when the time comes! Thank you for your understanding.
  6. Due to some issues with the plugin's compatibility with Sub-Roles and how they're interacting with each other, we are gonna remove sub roles for the time being. We want to make sure the game play is great for everyone on the servers, and with all the issues arising at this time, just don't see it being beneficial for the time being. I do hope everyone got a chance to see the roles and look forward to the issues being resolved. I am sorry again, but I will do better next time. Thank you.
  7. 6/4/2022 Updated the Innocent and Traitor Menu's
  8. I have no idea if some of you guys are just bantering or being serious, but I will say this, at this rate of the server development I am more focused on bringing in new players to the server. I have already stated this can be changed again in the future. I won't give percent's to the community, but I will say that only a few players on the server will have sub roles, its not gonna be one of those concepts that are just filling the server. Becoming a deputy is the first shot of a tazer from the detective, if the detective misses there first shot the player can no longer become a deputy. This only works on innocents and if the detective tazes a traitor, it will just show work as an active tazer. The executioner role gives extra extra for completing the execution, I might have forgotten to add it on the information. "What's this giant T in the upper right hand corner of my screen."
  9. 6/3/2022 Added Maps: ttt_kaer_morhen_v1 ttt_breakthrough_v2 These were added earlier in the week but wanted to put it in the changelog. Added Sub-Roles Healer Executioner Vampire Deputy Added Karma Rank System 7 Ranks in total, please preview the post to see more details. Rule Change: T-Baiting is no longer allowed on the servers! Post regarding all the changes can be found here!
  10. Hello Everyone, Super happy to be able to finally post everything we have been working on! I am going to try to keep this as short as I can but its a lot of new things, as well as some changes that we believe need to be changed. Rule Change Recently we open a thread up asking what the community would like to see happen, it got an amazing amount of feedback. Thank you for your time and feedback into the thread if you did! We came to an understanding about wanting to bring in new players to the community and what would be the best course of action following. The team decided that it would be best for us to make the server more friendly towards new players who join the server. We decided the best course of action is to remove t-baiting from the server as a whole, this will go for Verbal, as well as non-verbal t-baiting. I do want to point out that this can be changed again further down the line, but I do believe this is the best course of action for the future of our TTT Server. - Verbal and Non-Verbal T-Baiting is not allowed on TTT Anymore! If you're caught Verbal or non-verbal t-baiting, you can be punished and banned for it. I do understand it may take some time to get accustomed to the change, and will be lenient for the first bit, but anyone caught just actively t-baiting will be punished/ banned. Karma Ranks I decided I wanted to add an incentive to gaining Karma and change the perspective of "its just a number on the scoreboard" mentality. We are going to be releasing Karma Ranks, these will be ranks that are automatically applied to your profile once you have reached a certain amount of karma! These should be taken as fun and something to goof around in. The ranks will be able to be seen on the Scoreboard as well as in chat when you type a message! This is also being added because we are trying to attract new players and hopefully when someone joins and needs help, they will be able to tell who is an experience player and might be able to help them! Karma Ranks: 500: "Newbie" 2500: "Beginner" 5000: "Intermediate" 10000: "Advanced" 15000: "Professional" 20000: "Lord" 25000+: "God Mode" Sub-Roles The long anticipated release of Sub-Roles is finally here! All Sub-Roles are just Sub Category of the three main roles, Innocent, Detective, and Traitor! We are releasing 5 Sub-Roles this update, that vary from different aspects that should make the game very interesting! Please be aware Sub-Roles won't be in every round of the game, they will start when the server reaches 6 players! Innocent Sub-Roles Healer Role - You will be given a Revolver that has 3 shots, each shot will heal a player 65 health! (Use them wisely) - Be careful though, after each shot, there is a 45 second cooldown! Detective Sub-Roles Deputy Role - To be given this role you have to be tased by a detective at the beginning of the round! - If you're tased, you will be given an M4A1-S and a taser. -Your goal is to help the detectives find the traitors by tasing other players. Traitor Sub-Roles Executioner Role - When given this role, you will be given a target at the beginning of the round. - The only way to gain credits with this role is by killing your assign target. Killing anyone else will result in you not gaining credits! Vampire Role - When given this role, after every kill you achieve you will gain 35 Health! - Maximum health is set to 135 HP! By the way, everyone should send a message to @BoTo, this man absolutely killed it with all these updates! Thank you!
  11. This has been added to the server!
  12. Tested the map with a small population, but felt we should wait upon making a decision, gonna wait until we have a higher population one day and retest it!
  13. Added, as well added zones to the map!