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  1. Yoo, thanks for putting it on saturday! @the baconator
  2. I second that, bring back 𝒮𝓹𝓸𝓸𝓴𝔂 Gang.
  3. I agree. Also, I have tried to populate TTT with shoutbox, by saying join the server, but there is always a ramdom jb kid that will say to join jb instead, when they already got 25 players on...
  4. In my opinion, we shouldn't be able to hide peoples cosmetics, why would people purchase them if everyone has them disabled?
  5. I do agree that people do team from time to time, but I don't think every instance of teaming can be punishable. I've warned a couple of people recently from teaming either they let people in the T room or the inno delays the round even when he knows who the T is. Like other people have been saying it can be really hard to tell if someone is teaming, especially when the admins are also playing and aren't watching every move in spectator. TTT isn't supposed to feel competitive, we should not need to punish for every little thing because a player kinda broke a rule, it happens all the time. If we did, it would make the game a lot less fun for most people who play on the server. If people are teaming up every round to target someone or ruining every round because of it, then I get this post. As an old TTT reg, the reason I still come on is to have fun and have some good laughs with the old and new regs. People who "team" sometimes make the game more fun and entertaining for most of the server. When the game is less competitive, the server population usually stays up a lot longer, then if people take the game to seriously and complain about every little thing. I don't think this is a bad thread, I think it helps out to see what regs think about this sort of stuff and that not every thing needs to be punished. Again if you feel/are targeted by players and/or see people ruining most of the rounds because they team, please record and make complaints.
  6. Nice, been waiting for this post!
  7. I can probably only join if it's friday at 7pm. Can you ping when the date is confirmed <3
  8. Yeah this map has always done this. I suggest to bind !r to a key, for maps like this.
  9. 4 people entered this event and I still got last place...
  10. Je me souviens

  11. Je m'attendais à jamais voir c'est mots là, je suis tellement triste. T'étais le seul québécois que je connaissais bien dans cette communauté. T'étais toujours un gars super heureux et drôle. Tu savais vraiment comment rendre tout les situation plus amusant et c'était toujours le fun avoir des conversation avec toi. T'étais un très bon gars et tu va me manquer. Tout le monde te respectait et était content de t'appeler leur ami. Il avait pas beaucoup de personne qui a fait un autant grand impact dans ce communauté que toi. Ceci va être le dernier message que je vais écrire en français sur ce forums, parce que t'étais le seul qui les comprenais. Repose en paix mon ami, je me souviens.
  12. Surf Event Submission In-game name: ned declassified Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:65273321 Time for submission: 52:41 Screenshot of time: I'm rusty...