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Making a map. Suggestions?

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I will be making a map for the SG prison break servers. I can hope that it will be put on the server. I would like some suggestions as to what you would like to see in this map. So far I have made...

-A fairly good pool(It's shallow but if you look past that it's really good)

-A soccer game (I'm still making the ball work properly)

-A jumping game (like in the extreme climb mod) there will not be a way to die while playing it. Anyone who reaches the end is teleported into the main chamber with the cells.

-Larger cells than most maps have

-A room with a bathtub that fills itself up when a button is pressed

-The bathtub room contains a breakable peice of floor that leads to a tunnel which leads to the CT armory

-3 Padded cells

-All the cells are on the same floor except the padded ones which have their own floor

-A usp in one of the cells

-P90s, M4a1s, 2 tmps, Ak47s, MP5s, and one AWP are available to the CTs

-A room with 3 sofas and some TVs

-Everyone spawns with a knife forcing the CTs to choose a weapon from the selection provided(not every ct will be using an M4a1)

-A button that can be shot but not knifed to open the armory doors


Plans for improvements...

-Auto-opening doors that can also be opened with a button

-A PS3 in the room with TVs and sofas (fps banana has a prefab of the ps3 :thumbup:)

-A soccer ball that actually works.

-A selection of pistols for the CTs


I also need to know if the player limit on each team needs to part of the map or if it is serverside.


Thanks everyone. :rlol:

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Water polo with scoring, football with scoring, knife arena (strips players that enter of weapons), pool, gym.


A secret coded weapon room?


Non-Lethal mini Pirate wars?

Non-Lethal Maze with boulders?

A complex maze with hidden guns and secret passages?


Im trying to think of something original... :confused1:

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Thanks for your suggestions thus far. The knife arena sounds like a great idea. I will make a hospital and possibly remove soccer and make something else. I'm keeping the pool because everyone likes pools. I will not abandon the project and if PB was going to hell it would have done so already.

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Discouraging him from making a map that seems like it could be fun to play is unneeded.


I like the suggestions so far, it'll be nice to see an original map with some fun things to do that won't instantly get boring.

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