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January's MGT: TF2 Dodgeball!

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It's that time of the month again and we've prepared a very fun gamemode for you guys to play!




Welcome to Team Fortress 2 Dodgeball!


This is not just your average ordinary dodgeball. In Dodgeball, everyone plays as the Pyro. Rockets and nuclear bombs (nukes) are fired from a pre-determined spot in the map. You and your teammates will use your air blast to reflect the rockets and bombs back at the other team.


These projectiles are designed to follow one targeted player until deflected by an air blast. When the projectile is air blasted, its affinity and color changes and it targets a random player on the opposite team. It gains speed with each deflection until the projectile's new target does not successfully deflect it, damaging or killing the target. The rocket can also be reflected into the ground to allow the player to survive and reset the rocket, and even possible to rocket jump if blasted correctly.


Gameplay continues until one team is eliminated entirely. Infinite ammo is supplied in this mode, therefore, you never go below the max value for the flamethrower.


There are two types of projectiles used: the rocket and the nuke. The rocket looks like a standard Soldier's critical rocket with the same damage as a normal critical rocket. The nukes are larger, slower, and usually appear in the form of the bomb attached to most Payload carts and bleeps like a Level 1 Sentry Gun. These bombs have a much larger radius of effect and higher damage output compared to crit rockets.









January 28th - February 4th



A little preview of what TF2 Dodgeball is like




(skip to 2:45 :L)




Big thanks to @Im Sad and @Greggy G for helping me test out the plugin and maps c:


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I might've encountered a bug on the server; it's easily avoidable, but I still thought I would report it. I'm not sure if it's just happening to me but I thought I'd report it anyway. I don't have any demos or footage because everyone left the server when I started to record:


When you press H to pick up a dead player's gun/blaster, your gun just disappears along with the one you tried to pick up. It's just blank where the blaster is supposed to be and therefore you can't airblast to stay alive.


Again, this isn't game-breaking, you can just not pick up someone else's gun, but I thought I'd report it either way. (I had to pick up that gorgeous australium blaster xd)

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