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Rainbow 6 Siege Event

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This kinda got swept under the rug so Im going to resubmit it with a little spin.



There are several different modes you can do in Rainbow's custom game option. My personal favorites are Sledge Meyers and Border Patrol. Here are the descriptions of all the possible modes that we could do:


Sledge Meyers


What is it?: There is one attacker that chooses Sledge and 5 defenders that go any 1 speed operators on defense. Sledge chases the defenders around the map and MUST kill them with his SLEDGE HAMMER NOT HIS KNIFE. The last defender alive may knife back at sledge and sledge can knife the last defender.


Border Patrol


What is it?: One defender goes Rook/ Doc with an Acog P90 on single fire. The others are 5 attackers that must follow a path on the map Kanal. The defender will shoot at the people running from the roof. Once on of the attackers gets inside, he will go up some stairs ang get on the roof and may kill the defender. ATTACKERS CAN NOT SHOOT THE DEFENDER WHILE THEY ARE FOLLOWING THE PATH, ONLY WHEN THE MAKE IT THROUGH THE PATH.


Frost Roulette


What is it?: There is one defender that goes Frost and the rest of the players are attackers that dont have shields. There is a wall on the map Kanal that has 9 windows. Frost puts traps under 3 of the windows and the attackers choose their own window to break through. NO SWITCHING OR STACKING WINDOWS WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE. Once the attackers breach, they will be downed or try to kill kapkan with their PISTOLS. NO REVIVING DOWNED TEAM MATES.




With a new season of Rainbow coming in soon, there will most likely be a free to play event for a weekend. This would mean more people would be able to play the event.


If there are any modes you wanna do, comment them below.


Thank you for reading!

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could do a siege tournament instead if theres enough people who play here


I would agree towards this.

You would prob get a bigger turn out towards a round robin.


R6S with the newest update gives us even more options for custom games.

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